Blue Star is committed to providing effective workplace health and safety procedures and an environmental and quality system that aims to achieve no harm in the workplace and stands the organisation above its competitors with high quality installations.

At Blue Star the most important asset is its employees and their welfare within the workplace. By implementing a proactive risk assessment style approach to all of its operations Blue Star minimises the risk of the injury to its employees and ensures that their workplaces remain safe.

Utilising an experienced and hands on safety and rehabilitation management team, Blue Star has an exceptional safety record but also realises that continual improvement in this area is paramount. By maintaining and updating accurate and honest safety reporting statistics Blue Star can identify and implement strategies for improvement in the necessary areas.

Blue Star is externally accredited to comply with AS/NZS 4801 and incorporates and implements all relevant legislation and tried and tested company procedures on all of its installations. With constant consultation and communication with Blue Star’s workforce via inductions, pre-start meetings, toolbox meetings and ongoing training Blue Star is able to monitor and review the effectiveness of its procedures with regard to practical, day to day situations.


At Blue Star we are committed to delivering high quality projects that exceed our customer’s expectations so that our reputation and project delivery is considered the benchmark of the industry. Blue Star works closely with our clients to ensure that the scope and any specifications for each project are recognised and understood. Our company achieves these outcomes utilising effective management procedures which incorporate the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 and has been externally accredited to be compliant with this standard.
All employees, from apprentices to senior management have responsibility and input into our quality management system from initial project implementation to project completion as well as during the monitor and review stages.


As an environmentally friendly company, Blue Star is dedicated to protecting all natural resources, the environment and human health and also recognises that the protection of these items has to be an integral part of all operations.

Through a compliant and externally accredited AS/NZS 14001 Environmental Management System and adherence to all applicable environmental laws and best practices Blue Star considers itself a low environmental impact company. Blue Star endeavours to procure, where possible, cables and equipment with a low environmental impact right from manufacture and actively recycles and disposes of all materials appropriately and in accordance with relevant legislative requirements.

Green Star Member

Blue Star is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and has demonstrated experience in designing and delivering electrical installations in accordance with the relevant Green Star criteria on a range of large Green Star accredited buildings throughout South East Queensland.